Optimization Cluster Reservations

Please use this form to reserve individual machines for specific times. Machines opt-a001, opt-a004, opt-a012, opt-a013, and opt-a014 cannot be reserved.

To edit an existing entry, first modify the text fields in your entry then select 'edit'.

Current Reservations

No current or recently expired reservations.

Add New Host

  • Notify: ongoing usage, more than one per host allowed
  • Reserve: heavy usage, exclusive access: at least 50% of the cores used, maximum of one per person
  • Exclusive: complete usage of a machine for timing experiments - no one else can log in and condor will be shut off.
    Do not exclusively reserve a machine if someone is currently logged in to it. Maximum of one per person.
  • Start (ex: 7:00 am): or
  • End (ex: 10:00 am Mar 23): or+days, hours